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Shivas, when started operating was one of the pioneers of such an Academy. The Academy was a success story from the beginning only. Students started to pour in from everywhere, so now it was responsibility of the Academy to make sure that the students get proper training. This is the department where the academy concentrated the most, quality of training. Shibashis Das, popularly known as Shiva who was also the founder of the Academy had only one thing in mind, proper training.

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Within months of opening the Academy,

they got their first call to perform on stage during the pujas in a residential complex, "Shantikunja". It was a very tensed evening for all those associated with the Academy, the students, the teacher and also the guardians. It was a test for all of them and the first time is always the most difficult one. Those who witnessed that performance are still awestruck. The performance that the students gave can never be forgotten. May it be the still so popular 'Vande Mataram' or the then 4-year-old Neyon's solo act, it was outstanding.

A standing ovation followed the performance.

The students were then preparing for their first home production, 'Swapny'-A Dance Drama, written, directed, choreographed and edited be Shiva. But their next performance happened in a group dance competition which they eventually won and Shiva also won the best dancer's award. But while performing, Shiva injured his left knee. Finally we were all ready with our first home production, 'Swapny' which took place on 6th January, 2002. It was a huge show with around 40 students participating and around 25 dances' to be performed. The show was long but was also big in every way. The students made all difference with their performance.

Till date we have performed in more than 50 stage shows,

numerous movies and video albums. Our students have performed in reality shows like Etv Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Zee TV's Dance Bangla Dance etc. Our many students like Kaushik (real name Raj) have gone on to become movie stars, some like Manoj have invaded the television screen, some like Raj went on to win reality shows like Mirakkel Challenge. A young lady Pinky whose now real name is Meenakshi is now a leading lady in many south Indian movies. Some like Swarna Dwipa have gone on to become professional dancers performing all over the world with the likes of Rakhi Sawant, Abhijeet Sawant and many other celebrities.

In the year 2015 we entered

the 15th year of this Academy and today we can very proudly say that it's not just any Dance Academy, its an Academy where professionals are created.

The rest as they say is history.

After that performance there was no looking back. SHIVAS moved forward rackingly from one performance to another, from Kolkata to Orissa to Malda to Siliguri, from BOC to LIC (they were invited to perform in their annual meet), to college fests (Vivekananda college) to movies ('Kuwasha' was the first of the movies where dancers were hired from our Academy).

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